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For the most part I like to work in large series. Below you’ll find a small collection of one-offs and multi-movement works. If you’re interested in the larger-scale stuff click over to the Shortwave Artifacts or Island sections of the site to hear more.

Abandon #2 for solo piano, 2013. Following the debut of Abandon #1 by the American Composers Orchestra, I felt there was more to be mined from themes of abandonment and loss of self.


State Street, electronics, 2007.

These two short movements come from a five movement work entitled Unnatural Hydrodynamics composed for the Flux Quartet in 2009. Each movement was based on unusually striking water imagery, like the giant liquid baby in Andrei Tarkovsky’s adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s sci-fi classic Solaris. Flux Quartet Live at BargeMusic, 2009.

These two works for violin and piano were loosely based on the energy and attitude of classic South American tangos. Johnny Gandelsman, violin; Francesco Tristano, piano; recorded live at BargeMusic, 2008.