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Shortwave Artifacts


Below you’ll find a preview of my most recent project, a full-length album entitled Shortwave Artifacts.  The series is based entirely on the sound of radio–including historic AM broadcasts, coded covert transmissions, data from NASA probes, and natural distortions in the Earth’s magnetic field.  For other sounds, check out Island or my audio page.

This is a brief excerpt from Repeating the Weather No. 2. Much of this track was recorded late at night during a severe winter storm in New Hampshire. While snow peacefully fell outside in near silence, the automated weather stations in the area warned of dangerous roads and extreme conditions. Guillaume Pirard, violin; Tom Chiu, violin; Max Mandel, viola; & Alex Greenbaum, cello.


Short excerpt from Radio Hat, a collaboration with visual artist Krista Caballero. The audio component is comprised of emergency radio recordings, radio sirens, and other beacons.

Deepspace, an andante dub performed live at Art342 in Fort Collins, Co. The first recording following 3 wonderful months of work here at the Art342 residency. Comprised of samples from Voyager and Cassini’s plasma wave instruments, SuitSat 1, WWVB, and ham radio recordings.